Sorrow. Horror. Outrage.

Below, are words that I wrote the day that Georgia killed my friend Troy Davis.

With sorrow and with horror and with outrage, I offer these words now for Kelly Gissendaner, who is scheduled to be killed by Georgia in 4 hours:
“Tonight’s expected execution of Troy Davis brings inconceivable pain and loss to his family and friends. But it should also bring deep self-probing to us as a country, forcing us to ask ourselves agonizing questions: How can our country possibly justify taking an unarmed, captive human being, and killing that human being? Who are we as a people if we, sanctioned by the state, intentionally and with premeditation wrack a family with grief?”

The full words that I wrote the can be found here.

I am not standing, physically, with Kelly’s family in Georgia tonight. Nor will I be physically standing with Richard Glossip’s family tomorrow, if his scheduled execution proceeds.

But I am standing with them nonetheless.


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