Khuza’a: homes and lives destroyed

On July 23, 2014 the Israeli military launched a ground invasion in Khuza’a, in the eastern part of Khan Younis. Dozens of civilians were killed, including a paramedic trying to evacuate the wounded. Destruction in Khuza’a–of homes, of lives, of hope for the future–was overwhelming. I went to Khuza’a with Yasser Abd A-Ghafour, a human rights defender from the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, who had been on the ground documenting the atrocities in real-time. He showed us around and narrated for us the horrors that took place during the war.
My colleague and friend Fadi Abu Shammala took the following photos as I filmed at the entrance of Khuza’a, trying to take in the scope and scale of devastation and human suffering in front of my camera–and my eyes:

khuzaa jen6 khuzaa jen1 khuzaa jen7

Yasser showed us some of the worst hit areas and told us what happened as we drove through the main street, including a disabled girl being killed from an airstrike while, wheelchair-bound, she was unable to flee:

khuzaa car tour1

Notice the pain in Yasser’s eyes as he tells us what we are seeing outside the car window:

khuzaa car tour2

A destroyed mosque:

khuzaa mosque

We were there during a wind and sand storm; as you can see in the billowing of the tent:

khuzaa tent in the rubble



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    My friend and colleague, Jen Marlowe, recently spent time in the Gaza Strip and posted some pictures and reflections to her crucial blog,, and I decided to repost one of the bundles of photos and reflections here, simply with the reminder -to myself and to all who read and see this- that we cannot and must not forget Gaza, not that the situation has resumed its horrible, “normal” quiet, with the destruction and suffering compounded and magnified and incomprehensible, really. One can’t internalize this kind of suffering through photos and words, but it is closer than nothing.

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