If society would only see how foul the judicial system is…

Ray_Domineque_ALDomineque Hakim Marcelle Ray had not originally been on the list of prisoners to whom we sent a copy of I Am Troy Davis. However, another prisoner with him on Alabama’s death row had been sent the book, and spoke to Domineque about the Community Book Club, passing the book onto him so he could participate.

Here is what Domineque wrote about I Am Troy Davis:

The book titled I Am Troy Davis was very good reading. It relates to the article “Prison is the New Slave Ship.” His sister Martina was a real ride or die activist. Also a woman of true family value.

Death penalty cases like Troy’s are so many throughout this nation. But it always is disregarded and it prevents the accused for a fair trial.

Publications are very good reading but documentaries show more attention-wise. If society would only see how foul the judicial system is concerning the death penalty cases, then perhaps the fight to end it would prevail.

Like Troy, I’m also innocent. The trial attorneys sold me out and even stayed on my appeal process until I wrote a letter to several different law firms requesting representation. Some of the Black Civil Rights Activists in Selma had helped put me in here. The false imprisonment was pure politics. So I can see just how Troy felt.

I’d like for my story to reach the outside. You don’t hear too many like it from Alabama, especially someone with my background.

Once again, you ha a world of supporters to help put the word out and I appreciate that. But don’t stop.


Well, until then, knowledge and God

Love your love,

Domineque Hakim Marcelle Ray

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