Reviews from the Row (#3)

(This is the 3rd review of I Am Troy Davis that I am posting from a prisoner on death row, as part of the I Am Troy Davis Community Book Club. You can read the 1st Review from the Row here and the 2nd one here.)

Review of I Am Troy Davis

by Ker’Sean Ramey, on death row in Texas 

I Am Troy Davis is very well-articulated. It not only opens your eyes to the things that go on in the judicial system, but more importantly, it allows you to relive vicariously all the things the Davis family went through in their struggle to save a loved one and an innocent man. Through it all, they refused to let their personal issues or Troy’s situation tear their family apart. The sacrifice, strength and love that the Davis family showed is a beautiful thing. I enjoyed this book to no end. I appreciated Sister Martina Davis-Correia and Jen Marlowe for having both the courage to tell the story, and the sense to know it’s one that really needs to be told. I recommend all family members and friends of those incarcerated to read this book. It shows just how much of an impact their love and support has on us.

Stay focused, push, and believe!

Sign outside the TX prison where male death row prisoners are held

Sign outside the TX prison where male death row prisoners are held

Ker’Sean Ramey #999519

Polunsky Unit

3872 FM 350 S.

Livingston, TX 77351


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  1. Susan

    Beautiful !!!!!!!! 🙂


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