Reviews from the Row (#1)

With the help of Haymarket Books, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, and a generous donation (from my Mom, if you must know), Kimberly Davis and I were able to send 38 copies of I Am Troy Davis to prisoners, most of whom are on death rows throughout the country. We invited the recipients to respond to the book in writing, and/or to participate in the I Am Troy Davis Community Book Club. The response has literally overwhelmed me. I’ll be writing more about that very soon, but for now, as we approach the 3-year anniversary of Troy’s execution, I want to post the first of what will be a series of I Am Troy Davis Reviews from the Row. These men and women responding to the book are doing so from very personal experience.


I Am Troy Davis Book Review

by Christopher Young on death row in TX

A salute to Troy Davis. It’s been 3 years since his murder and his name lives on. His story is still relevant. His story still mirrors hundreds of individuals across America that have been wronged by the criminal justice system.

I Am Troy Davis is a powerful story highlighting love, commitment, and injustice. One would think, judging the book by its cover, that it’s about the death penalty. Although the death penalty is the foundation at this book, it’s in the background due to Jen Marlowe’s prose in making the reader feel like they are part of the family. The reader feels the love and support that Martina and family had for and gave Troy.

Reading I Am Troy Davis was an emotional experience. Each tear that fell was for something different. The love, the pain, the injustice, and the laughs all created a different feeling inside me.

In the numerous years I’ve been on death row, and through the numerous books I’ve read, very few have touched me the way I Am Troy Davis did.

In time, I Am Troy Davis will be placed alongside classics such as Huey Newton’s Revolutionary Suicide, Sister Helen Prejean’s Dead Man Walking, and Linda Strom’s Karla Faye Tucker SET FREE.

Praise for Jen Marlowe and Sister Martina Davis-Correia for a tremendous work that they’ve brought us. The war cry continues and will never cease. I AM TROY DAVIS!!!

In solidarity,

Christopher A. Young 999508I AM TROY DAVIS


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6 responses to “Reviews from the Row (#1)

  1. Susan

    Amazing!!!!!! His review made me teary and super proud of you, Jen. What a beautiful reflection.

    Miss ya. Hope you are well and happy.

    Love, Susan


  2. Wynn M Chapman

    I find it incredibly touching Jen that you had the idea of sending your wonderful book on Troy to prisoners on Death Row – though how you managed to choose between them all is a feat in itself!
    This is a heartfelt review, bringing tears, but I hope you will be able to let us read the others as they come in.
    Who’d have thought that about 5/6 years ago Troy A Davis and his lovely friendship would have such an effect on me! A privilege, no?! Wynn xx



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  5. julie guthrie

    Wow, Jen, now I see why you were so blown away by responses from prisoners. Thank you for giving voice to voiceless and hope to the suffering. I plan on getting some more books for this year’s Xmas list. May the I Am Troy Davis team be blessed with miracles and joy, and may none of ‘the least’ be forgotten.

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