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Dear friends,

Troy Davis's nephew, 20-yo De'Jaun, in solidarity with Mike Brown and Ferguson

Troy Davis’s nephew, 20-yo De’Jaun, in solidarity with Mike Brown and Ferguson

The police killing of Michael Brown and the subsequent repression of protest in Ferguson, MO has demonstrated more clearly than ever: there are no equal rights and there is no equal justice in the United States. State violence–be it perpetrated by the police, or the criminal justice system–targets communities of color at every level.

With this in mind, donkeysaddle projects is calling on you to participate in the

I Am Troy Davis Community Book Club from Sept 21-Oct 10

On September 21 2011, the State of Georgia put Troy Davis to death despite a compelling case of innocence.  Last September, I launched my book I Am Troy Davis, co-authored by Troy’s sister Martina Davis-Correia with Troy’s participation. The late Maya Angelou said about the book, “I Am Troy Davis should be read and cherished.”

3 years after Troy’s unjust execution, donkeysaddle projects invites you to participate in a nation-wide grassroots Community Book Club.

The Community Book Club will take place between September 21 (the 3rd anniversary of Troy’s execution) and October 10 (World Day Against the Death Penalty). Through hundreds of intimate book discussions across the country, Troy’s story and all it exposes about the criminal justice and death penalty systems–and the racism undergirding them–will reach and impact thousands of new people.  We hope this nation-wide Community Book Club action will be a part of the urgent shift we need to make as a nation, so that every life is given equal value, and treated with equal dignity.

Participating in the I Am Troy Davis Community Book Club is easy! You need only:

  • Set a date between September 21 and October 10 to host the book discussion. (Dates are flexible; if you want to participate but are not able to within this time-frame, you can still register)
  • Register your book discussion here.
  • Invite friends/colleagues/family to read the book and attend the discussion!
  • Make sure all the participants (including yourself) know they can get the book directly from Haymarket Books at a 30% discount by using the coupon code TROY30 at checkout!
  • Download the I Am Troy Davis Study and Discussion Guide developed by Equal Justice USA in partnership with the NAACP and Amnesty International USA to help you facilitate the conversation!

I’m thrilled to report that a long list of incredible organizations have signed on to co-sponsor the Community Book Club, including Equal Justice USA, Amnesty International USA, the Innocence Network, Haymarket Books, the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Fellowship for Reconciliation, Death Penalty Focus, Teaching for Change, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Ministry Against the Death Penalty, People of Faith Against the Death Penalty, Journey of Hope, with more signing on every day!

We’re looking forward to your participation in the I Am Troy Davis Community Book Club, and to widening the circle of people prepared to challenge a system that treats some lives as valuable, and others as dispensable.

Engrossed reader in Savannah, GA

Engrossed reader in Savannah, GA

In solidarity and in struggle,

Jen Marlowe

Author, I Am Troy Davis
Founder, donkeysaddle projects
Twitter: @donkeysaddleorg
Blog: View from the donkey’s saddle

PS–Click here to read the open letter from the Davis family to Michael Brown’s family and the people of Ferguson, MO.

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