Message from a 12-year-old girl in Gaza

As terrifying statistics come out, such as OCHA’s report that one child has been killed in Gaza every hour for the past two days, and that more children have been killed in Gaza than fighters, I bring you these words from a 12 year old girl in Gaza:

My life, a story from Gaza by: Nadeen Abu-Ramadan, 12 yrs. old school student
I well remember that day, it was  July 10, 2014, when the war started, as some people call it, for me it was not a war it was just bombings of Gaza.

I thank God every day because I’m not scared of these bombings, but to be honest on the second night of the “war,” I stayed awake the whole night thinking about images of people and children who died, or lost their homes. I kept thinking of sad things about them, I thought what if this war stayed for longer time? What if my house was bombed like the others? What will I do? Will I cry or will I become mad? I couldn’t imagine myself without a home or a family!, a home where I keep all my memories, a family to hug me warmly, and calm me down when I’m scared. I could not imagine myself without my new room, that I was flying of happiness when it finished, without my new clothes that mom brought me, without my favorite brand of shoes that dad brought me from abroad, and without my favorite teddy bear that my brother bought me 10 years ago.

People might think that these are just silly small things, but for me it is everything. I love every piece of my home and my life.

The third night, I woke up on a huge bomb sound, I got out of the bed, fearing the glass of the window to fall on me, but my parents who came quickly calmed me down and told me to stay strong because God is always with us.

My mom is the most one who fears the sound of bombs, Zeina (my sister) or I come second, in the last comes dad. Dad is really strong, he doesn’t fear anything, dad doesn’t fear things as mom does, he always makes sure that everything is ok; I took this thing from him.

I really thank God about everything, I thank Him for my home, family, and life, and most of all that I’m from Palestine, the holy land, the land of prophets, I’m really proud.

I really LOVE MY LIFE.

With prayers that Nadeen, her sister Zeina, and all Palestinian and Israeli children be able to still write, to still dream, to still love their lives.

May they be permitted to live.

Nadeen Abu Ramadan, a 12-year old student in Gaza

Nadeen Abu Ramadan, a 12-year old student in Gaza


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7 responses to “Message from a 12-year-old girl in Gaza

  1. Dua

    Thanks Nadine… you are a great writer…

  2. Maysaa Abu Shaban

    My god bless you Nadine I wish this war ends as soon as possible as so many people have been harted and lost

  3. Marlyn ElSayegh

    Nadeen, I am proud of you. You write and express very well.
    Never get tired of giving thanks to God, it doesn’t matter whether for small things or big, what matters is having a thankul heart :). God gave you precious parents who love you and care for you ( and a beautiful aunt Abeer 🙂 )
    Keep writing, my dear. There are many people who care about you, and most important God cares how you feel and what you think, and He LOVES you, and Has great plans for you. You and your family are in my
    prayers. Continue to love your life.
    With love, Your Palestinian friend

  4. Houda Echouafni

    Hi nadine.
    I too, love your life, and want it to be untouched by these bombs. You are a very brave and beautiful girl, thank you for sharing your words with us, I would love to read more.
    My respect and love

  5. mary beth wojtaszek

    Dear Nadine,
    As i watch the news day and night……i am saddened and feel helpless by the sickening power at hand. We as the world have lost power to stop such horrible acts of terror…….to children and families. Stay safe child…..with your family……’s all i can offer……with love……….mary beth

  6. Nadeen Abu Ramadan

    Thanks All for these touching comments

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