48 hours left to help Troy Davis’s nephew achieve his dreams!


Dear friends,

We have 48 hours left to help De’Jaun Davis-Correia achieve his dreams!

Though we already surpassed our stated Indiegogo campaign goal, the real need for De’Jaun’s tuition and living expenses far exceeds that amount.

Will you help us double our goal to $10,000 by the time the campaign ends on Thursday?


Troy Davis (an innocent man on Georgia’s death row who was executed in Sept 2011) wanted more than anything for his nephew De’Jaun to achieve his educational dream.

After losing his uncle, mother and grandmother in a 7-month period, De’Jaun took his first steps towards that dream in 2013 by beginning his 1st year at Morehouse College, pursuing a dual degree in engineering and physics (and making Dean’s List 1st semester while he was at it!)

De’Jaun’s ability to attend Morehouse was enabled by the generosity and solidarity of scores of supporters who believe in this young man and want to ensure he’s able to build the future he deserves.

We need your help to fund De’Jaun’s 2nd year at Morehouse!!

Whether you watched De’Jaun grow up as you worked side by side with his beloved mother Martina, were inspired by his speaking about his Uncle Troy’s case at an NAACP or Amnesty International youth conference, or learned about his growing into a powerful activist from I Am Troy Davisit is clear to all who have encountered De’Jaun that this phenomenal young man deserves our support.

We’re trying to raise $10,000 for De’Jaun’s college tuition (though more would be even better!)–and we need your help to meet that goal!

The impact is not just on De’Jaun alone!

De’Jaun intends to use his engineering degree in ways that will have far-reaching impacts (for example–he spoke to me about his involvement in an organization called Green For All Engineering, through which he educates young students about “going green” and the importance of environmental safety through engineering.) He also intends to continue to serve as a mentor and role model for other youth with dreams who may not see a clear path on how to achieve them.

If you can’t make a donation at this time, here are some things you can do!

  • Make some noise about our Indiegogo campaign–use the Indiegogo share tools to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
  • Email Jen Marlowe to ask her to let you know in the future when De’Jaun’s tuition is due once again.
  • Purchase an I Am Troy Davis T-shirt–proceeds go directly to De’Jaun’s college fund! (Email Kimberly Davis for more info)
  • Purchase a copy of the book I Am Troy Davis and learn more about De’Jaun, his incredible family, and their ongoing fight to end the death penalty!

Below, is a letter from De’Jaun himself, thanking everyone for the support offered that helped make his first year of his college education possible, and for helping him, as he wrote below to get his “mojo back.”



I want to echo his thanks. Without so many generous contributions, De’Jaun’s dreams for himself, and his uncle Troy’s and mother’s and grandmother’s dreams for him, would have been so much more difficult for him to reach–amidst a landscape of grief and pain that most of us can only imagine.



Thank you for considering helping this young man continue to build his dreams as he studies, grows, flourishes, and does great things in the world.

Click here to contribute to De’Jaun’s education today! (And to watch a video of De’Jaun thanking his supporters!)



Message from De’Jaun to follow…



With deep appreciation,


Jen Marlowe




From De’Jaun



Dear supporters,
Thank you so much for helping me fund my education at Morehouse College. I’ve been studying hard, and so far it’s been paying off. I made Dean’s List first semester, with courses in English, Writing, Engineering, and two additional freshman orientation courses. I am pursuing a duo degree of engineering with a focus on physics and electronics.  My plans are to go through school, maintain a 3.5 grade-point average, study also at Georgia Tech, and eventually work in engineering. I’ve been most focused on my academic performance, and that is what I am most proud of.
In addition to working hard, I’ve made a lot of new friends. Move-in day was the most exciting: leaving home, and fulfilling the dream that I had of going off to college.
Thank you so much for helping me to complete the goal that I promised to my mother, grandmother, and Uncle Troy: focusing on getting a great education. There was a long time where it looked like I may not be able to go to school, because of all the expenses of multiple funerals. But because you helped me, got me back on my feet, got me focused again on going to school, in other words, helped me get my “mojo” back….you have helped me get one large step closer to my dream.
Thank you!!!!
De’Jaun Davis-Correia


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