Justice Finally Found Me

I was honored to work on this video about Franky Carrillo for Death Penalty Focus

Franky, an innocent man, spent 20 years imprisoned in Califorinia until he was finally exonorated. I met Franky–a warm, funny, compassionate, loving man–at the I AM TROY DAVIS event in Pasadena.

Learn more about his story, and the gravity of wrongful convictions, in this 4-minute video:




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6 responses to “Justice Finally Found Me

  1. Susan

    Beautiful, moving piece. Thanks for sharing, Jen.

  2. Chris Marks

    nice work, Jen. Amazing story, well told by Franky (with your help)

    thanks for sending this

  3. Thanks, Jen. You never cease to amaze me. We Exonerees are so blessed to have wonderful people such as yourself advocating for us. So many Frankys out there in the world. Hoping he is plugged into the network; so helpful in so many ways. Be well!

    • Thank you Ginny!! I think Franky is well plugged in, but I should make sure he knows about next year’s conference, I think he would love being part of the larger community of Exonorees. Hope you are doing well!

      • I am well, I guess. Still trying to make up my mind about grad school. June 30th is deadline for Georgetown online, so I better get it in gear. Made several great connections in Portland (besides you) especially among the exonerees. In almost daily contact, so that helps with the loneliness & isolation. Hoping to relocate to Chicago before winter. The Ohio State Board of Nursing is still holding me, or at least my license, hostage. That is really the only real holdup.

        How are Troy’s sisters? I think of them so often!

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