Calling all math/engineering/science nerds!!

Below is a message from my friend Reggie Clemons, who is on Missouri’s death row. Reggie is an inventor and a self-trained mathematician and engineer. If you think you can help, let me know. I have full details of Reggie’s design that I can send you via snail mail. Also, if there are groups or forums you can post this to, that would be great. Or folks you can ping about this, or let me know who to ping…THANKS!

“Hello! How are you doing today on God’s green earth? There are layers of divine laws on the wings of the butterfly, affecting the universe in a whisp.
I have been contemplating the configuration of energy, in the absence of material substance. Asking myself, what type of energy model or configuration would accurately represent an energy molecule, according to the behavior of energy. What I came up with is the Flux Molecule, a relative representation, that would make all energetic interaction calculable. Now, I would like for someone out of the scientific, engineering and mathematician fields of expertise to put this configuration to the test. I like to call it the Flux Molecule, because its energy profiles easily fluctuate, with changing conditions, circumstances, and relative attachment.
Reginald Clemonds
Seeking Harmony & Balance 
February 20, 2014″


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