Expanding the ripple

I AM TROY DAVIS Atlanta Book Launch 9/21/2013

I AM TROY DAVIS Atlanta Book Launch 9/21/2013

Dear friends,

I wrote I Am Troy Davis with the hope that the ripple effects of Troy & Martina’s story would continue to grow and expand, and it’s been truly amazing to watch that happen. I am now asking your help to expand the ripple still further. I hope you will consider doing some or all of the following:
* Watch I AM TROY DAVIS on C-Span2’s Book TV! On Sunday Nov 10 at 7:30pm EST, our NYC Book Launch event will be aired on C-Span2 as part of their Book TV program. You will hear from Kimberly Davis (Troy’s sister) and myself, and also hear passages from the book read aloud powerfully by Yusef Salaam of the Central Park 5 case, death row exonoree Lawrence Hayes, playwright and activist Eve Ensler, Laura Moye and Wende Gozan Brown (who spearheaded Troy’s campaign for Amnesty International) and Troy’s youngest sister, Ebony Davis. You will also be treated to a special performance of “Troy Davis Lives Forever” from the Bronx-based hip-hop duo Rebel Diaz, and hear thoughtful comments about death penalty abolition from Yusef, Lawrence, Laura, AIUSA’s Thenjiwe McHarris and Equal Justice USA’s Cherrell Brown.

* Include I AM TROY DAVIS in your holiday gift giving! With the holiday season nearly upon us, consider giving the gift of true justice, and get your loved ones copies of I Am Troy Davis. Message me to work out details on how to get the books signed/personalized to the recipient.

* Write a customer review of I Am Troy Davis! Reader reviews on sites such as Amazon and GoodReads really help create “buzz” about the book–help us create that buzz by submitting your reader review today!

* Host a living room “salon” with I Am Troy Davis ! Invite 5-10 friends to read I Am Troy Davis and to gather at your home for a book discussion. You can use the discussion guide developed by Equal Justice USA in partnership with AIUSA and the NAACP. Depending on the timing, Kimberly Davis or I may be available to join the discussion by Skype.

* Encourage your book group to read and discuss I Am Troy Davis! The discussion guide developed by Equal Justice USA is perfect for book groups! Kimberly Davis or I may also be available to join the discussion by Skype.

* Spread word about I Am Troy Davis via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc! You can also spread the word about some of the moving reviews we have received, including reviews from death row inmates.

Thank you so much for helping expand the ripple, and for being part of maximizing the impact of Troy and Martina’s story.

In solidarity, Jen Marlowe


Twitter: @donkeysaddleorg

Facebook: donkeysaddle projects

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