This means more than all the reviews in the world…

The following feedback, which came from my friend Mary Sinclair who used to work at the Southern Center for Human Rights, means more to me than all the reviews in the world. Mary managed to get I AM TROY DAVIS into Hays Prison in Georgia, where some of Troy’s friends from death row are currently incarcerated.

Here’s what Mary wrote:

“I just received the first review by a former death row inmate who knew Troy and Martina. It is a RAVE REVIEW from a man I know quite well and whose opinion I respect. He says you did a phenomenal job. He liked the way you moved back and forth and showed the whole family and the Mac Phails too. He found the writing to be outstanding. You wrote things about Troy’s case that he did not know because Troy did not talk about it much. He thinks that Troy and Martina would not only be pleased and overwhelmed, but that you must have exceeded Troy’s expectations. He knows that any readers who already have a connection with the criminal justice system will be profoundly moved. He hopes that people who are not connected will read it and come away with a deeper understanding and a different attitude. So, thank you. There are already six guys who want to borrow it now that my friend has finished reading it. Like me, he found it very disturbing but could hardly put it down. Congratulations on receiving such praise from a man who knows first-hand what you have written about.”


This feedback came from a man named David Crowe, who said I could use his name. According to Mary, the 3rd person on David’s list that he passed the book to read it in 2 days; David said he could not put it down.

Planning on writing to David in Hays prison, and see if he and the other inmates reading the book want to write reviews, responses, reactions for me to post here….I can’t imagine what could be more powerful than that…

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